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Nader's 12 Articles Impeachment

One must realize, this impeachment ignored all the real crimes Trump has done that actually affect people. These two Articles of Impeachment involve one corporate party trying to punish the other for daring to smear one party’s, would be, anointed corporate candidate Joe Biden. Except for Trump’s offense behavior, Corporate Democrats actually like much of what Trump has done to further Deep State control of America and the World.

On November 22, 2019, Ralph Nader, Louis Fisher, Bruce Fein wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging her to act on their proposed 12 Articles of Impeachment. Pelosi and Democrats Ignored their warning and concerns.

Excerp of Letter: The House impeachment inquiry into President Trump should be commensurate with the frightening breadth of his constitutional lawlessness, including multiple obstructions of justice. Narrowly focusing on the solicitation of bribery and an illegal foreign campaign contribution connected to Ukraine while leaving the vast number of other constitutional wrongs or usurpations unsanctioned would be disastrous for moving public opinion in favor of impeachment.

The unrebuked usurpations would set a precedent that would lie around like a loaded weapon ready for use by future occupants of the White House who claim limitless executive power except a Ukraine-type shakedown. They would downgrade the quality of presidential candidates and lower public expectations of the presidency to alarming levels.

Moreover, Mr. Trump will repeatedly claim his other impeachable abuses are meritless. Since a Democratic majority in the House did not act more broadly, he will denounce the accusations as lies and fake news.

Ralph and Constitutional scholar Bruce Fein feel Congress has abdicated its duty to set a high bar for presidential conduct. Nader states the articles of impeachment against Trump are “far too narrow and perilous.” Congress has “come forward with a very narrow hand … for the most impeachable president of all time,.

Jimmy Dore, host of the Jimmy Dore Show, alleges criminality by the FBI and discusses why the Democrats can’t oppose Trump on policy, why the impeachment is a ‘circus show,’ how the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, health insurance companies own both the Republican and Democratic parties, and more!

Chris Hedges: The United States is sick with income and other forms of social inequality. It suffers from cruelty, loneliness, greed, gangster capitalism, white supremacy, violence, sexism and a culture of ignorance and distraction. Our broken political system does not encourage critical thinking or nurture a capacity for responsible, engaged citizenship. President Donald Trump is the human embodiment of almost everything wrong with American society. He is both the symptom and the disease.

Donald Trump should have been impeached the first week of his presidency under the emoluments clause. But again, the Democrats have failed for several years now to stand up for the rule of law, never mind the Republican Party’s complicity with Trump. But now the only time the Democrats respond to Trump’s lawlessness and innumerable impeachable offenses is when Trump goes after Joe Biden. When Trump and his Republican Party go after Biden, the anointed candidate of the donor class, then they respond with impeachment. The Democratic Party’s leaders would not respond before because it wasn't politically expedient.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, did not vote in favor of impeachment: She voted “present.” Gabbard has called for censure instead. “I came to the conclusion that I could not in good conscience vote yes or no,” she said in a statement after the vote, calling impeachment “a partisan process, fueled by tribal animosities that have so gravely divided our country.”