About War on Iran

Unable to justify its actions to the U.N. Security Council, the U.S. has been for years illegally attacking Iran, another U.N. member country in violation of our constitution, the UN Charter and the Nuremberg Principles .

Trump has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal despite Iran’s full compliance and U.S. Allies objections. Trump has initiated severe economic sanctions hoping to create internal destabilizing unrest in Iran. Trump has been increasing U.S. troop levels in Iraq with Iran now surrounded by dozens of U.S. military bases in Iraq and Pakistan.

An attack on Iran could easily escalate into a large-scale war in the Middle East, further destabilizing the region. The government of Pakistan might fall to revolutionary forces who might enter the war on the side of Iran, thus introducing nuclear weapons into the conflict. Russia and China, firm allies of Iran, might also be drawn into a general war in the Middle East.

In a full-blown U.S. war with Iran, up to a million people could die initially. Hundreds of thousands more could die in the vacuum to follow. Millions would be made refugees. The likely closing of the Strait of Hormuz would cut off a major oil source for many large industrialize nations creating worldwide economic disruption.

Back in 2017, with the exception of Bernie Sanders, Democrats in Congress voted for sanctions on Iran that helped Trump kill the nuclear deal. And even recently, the Democrats overwhelmingly voted for a massive military budget and helped kill a proposal from Sanders and Ro Khanna that opposed unauthorized military action against Iran.

The past two decades has seen the U.S. commit numerous extreme war crimes and violations of International Law in the Middle East. Israel’s right-wing Zionist government of Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia have been active cheerleaders while other western “allies” have also been collaborators, equally at fault, for decades tolerating in silence these heinous acts of mass murder and wars for power and resources and for world hegemony.


General Qassem Suleimani was influential and respected in Iran and throughout the Middle East for his help with Iraq and Syria armed forces in defeating ISIS. Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’ The US act of impunity in killing General Suleimani was a clear declaration of war on Iran.

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