CA Progessive Aliance

Mission - California Progressive Alliance (CPA)

The California Progressive Alliance (CPA) mission, among other things, is to elevate progressive ideas throughout the state. We came together after the 2018 primary to keep the momentum of progressives joining together to reclaim our state government from the corporate and moneyed interests that have overshadowed the voice of the people. Progressives must rally support around a platform (that can and should be modified periodically).

Platform - California Progressive Alliance (CPA)

This initial platform was approved by the CPA membership at our Founding Convention in San Luis Obispo on March 30-31, 2019. It contains both longterm and short-term solutions. We intend to follow the legislature’s work and pressure legislators on bills related to these issues, including working to create new model legislation when needed.

[Initial Platform: ]

Medicare for All

Free public college for all

Close the commercial property tax loophole of Prop 13

A network of municipal or regional public banks for California

A California Green New Deal and a federal Green New Deal

Break up PG&E and transition to public ownership and/or Community Choice Energy programs

End refinery pollution and increase regulation of the fossil fuel industry

Bold climate solutions and promote renewable energy

A Millionaires tax (progressive in nature)

A Public Program for very low, low, and moderate income affordable housing

Fully fund public education and end charter school expansion

Police Accountability

End the privatization of prisons and reform the criminal justice system, including restoring voting rights to the California citizens who are currently incarcerated in state prison or on parole.

Sustainable development

Ban fracking

Universal Basic Income

Promote union organizing

Build local grassroots political power

Campaign finance reform and public financing of campaigns

Ranked choice voting and proportional representation

Publicly-owned election systems for public elections using public software (corporate/proprietary software prohibited)

Racial justice and support of the Black Lives Matter movement

Women’s rights, including but not limited to full reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work and support for the #MeToo movement
Immigration rights

Refugee rights

Indigenous rights

LGBTQIA rights

Worker cooperatives

End all discriminatory practices in our institutions

Universal childcare and guaranteed family leave

Statewide rent control and repeal of Costa Hawkins

Support 1st amendment separation of church and state

Provide a just transition for workers employed in the fossil fuel industry

Promote organic agriculture and small family farms

Ensure and protect water quality and water availability

Opposition to efforts by the Democratic Congressional Committee and any other organization to blacklist entities that support primary challenges to incumbents.

Support asking each Presidential candidates to oppose the DCCC Blacklist and support fair elections

End crisis condition of homelessness

Support public transit and electrification of transportation

Support the rights of nature