Demilitarization and Exploration of Space

We should recognize the need for the inspiration and education that the peaceful exploration of Space provides. We need for space-based systems to monitor environmental conditions on Earth; the many advances in space technology that benefit all people on Earth. The inspiration provided to children by Space exploration can prompt them to pursue math, science, and other important courses of study.

The peaceful exploration of Space has been usurped by the militarization of Space. The last four U.S.—backed military conflicts have used space-based technology to disrupt the computer and communication systems of sovereign states.

The funds required for continuing peaceful Space exploration have been used, instead, for the design, implementation and deployment of wasteful and dangerous Space hardware, such as the Strategic Defense Initiative.

We should support the end of Space militarization and opposes any form of space-based military aggression.

We should embrace peaceful Space exploration as a means for all people on this planet to work together. The benefits of inspired education are well worth the investment in peaceful Space exploration.

We should support only the peaceful and sustainable exploration of Space and the signing of the International Treaty for the Demilitarization of Space.

We should consider a reduction of human-staffed space flight due to the high cost and risk for human life and the availability of automated technology that can perform necessary functions in space-based research.


Green Party