I Will Not Vote Blue No Matter Who

I will not promise my vote to the DNC after the blatant cheating in the 2016 primaries (and now the 2020 primaries). Pledging my vote to whoever the DNC anoints is giving them permission to cheat again. Our problems didn't suddenly start on the day Trump was elected, I won't pretend that getting rid of him is going to fix the problem of systemic corruption in Washington. We need REAL change. ​ The "purity" test is pretty simple: Don't take money from super PACS or corporate interests. Taking money from them ensures that politicians will be beholden to them, not us. No one gives hundreds of thousands without expecting something in return. In elite circles, its not called a donation...its called an investment. This is because they know they will get a return in the form of deregulation/corporate tax cuts/contracts. This is the most important change that we must force in order to truly change anything else.

When people criticize the fact that we are holding these politicians accountable for their words and past votes, what they are really saying is that they don't care about the corruption in the democratic party and are willing to turn a blind eye just to "win". If we return to the same status quo that we've had for the last 40 years....who is really winning? It is not the job of the people to vote for the candidate no matter what....It is the job of the candidate to EARN our vote and inspire us to go to the polls for them. My vote will only go to a candidate that DESERVES it.

Vote Blue No Matter What, Really!

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