Iran Nuclear Deal

The American people should support the "joint comprehensive plan of action" (Iran Nuclear Deal) signed in July, 2015 by Iran and the P5+1 (five permanent members of the UN Security Council: China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States plus Germany), and the European Union, which confirms Iran's status as a zone free of nuclear weapons.

According to the United States National Intelligence Estimate, Iran halted an alleged active nuclear weapons program in the Fall of 2003.

The Iran Nuclear Deal provides that in return for Iran upholding its agreements to rid itself of nuclear material, current economic sanctions by the US, European Union and UN Security Council will be lifted. There should have been a swift elimination of these economic sanctions on Iran and the normalization of relations between Iran and the United States. This never happened.

We need to strongly oppose the current U.S. administration withdrawal from the Iran deal and increased sanctions and various covert and overt interferance attempts to destabilize the government and society in Iran.

In keeping with UN resolutions call for a nuclear-free Middle East, Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, has consistently called for a nuclear-free zone in the entire Middle East and was in full compliance with the iran Nuclear Deal.

However, we need to understand that Israel is currently the only nuclear power in the Middle East with at least 200 nuclear warheads. Isreal has refused to dismantle its nuclear weapons program and sign on to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. We should demand an end to this blaring double standard if we truly want a peaceful nuclear free Middle East.


Green Party

Michael E. Kerr