Kerr vs DeSaulnier on the Issues

How does Mark DeSaulnier and Michael KerrI compare on important issues.

Sources of Mark DeSaulnier’s Position on Issues

I used 6 different sources that should explain Mark’s opinions on these issues below. These sources include his Congressional website, Campaign website, Government website and 3 election candidate election websites.

Mark avoids talking about specific issues or taking any direct positions on any issues! Mark is a “play it safe” politician. Whenever possible, he will avoid involvement and discussing controversial corporate “no win” political issues.

To be fair Mark might contest the opinions on some issues I have assigned him. My feeling is that after nearly 6 years as a Congressperson his positions on issues should be clear and definitive, but he is vague on almost every issue!

Mark does not have the independent courage to be a Congressperson! Mark basically does not support Bernie Sanders and most all the issues Bernie campaigns on. Mark is best described as a Nancy Pelosi puppet and a neo-liberal corporate Democrat. Mark avoids Foreign and Military issues like they were a plague. Vote Smart states that Mark refused numerous requests to answer their political courage test which I completed in full.

Government -On the Issues

DeSaulnier Congressional Website

DeSaulnier Campaign Website

DeSaunier - Voters Edge

DeSaulnier - Vote Smart

DeSaulnier - Ballotpedia

Sources of Michael E. Kerr’s Position on Issues

I support the Green Party’s extensive platform on the Issues! You will see that I support Bernie Sanders domestic policies completely, but I deviate from and find his foreign policy positions mostly quite unbecoming of him. But I still believe Bernie will stand up to the Military Industrial complex better than any of the other Presidential candidates. I applaud Bernie’s increasingly stronger stance against Israel’s oppression of Palestinians which has taken great political courage.

Kerr Campaign Website

Kerr Election Questionairs and Pledges

Kerr Issues Page

Green Party Platform

Kerr vs DeSaulnier on the Issues

Michael Kerr Mark DeSaulnier

YES Support Bernie Sanders No

YES Support Progressive Congresspersons No

NO Support Nancy Pelosi YES

N/A Corporate Super Delegate YES

YES Green New Deal No

YES Medicare For All No

YES Patients Over Profit Pledge No

YES Lower Drug Prices Yes

YES Legalizing Marijuana No

YES Free Child Care No

YES $15/hr Minimum Wage No

YES Paid Family Leave No

YES Gender Pay Equality Yes

YES Support ERA Yes

YES Tuition Free College Education No

YES Cancel Student Debt No

YES Pass Dream Act Yes

YES Immigration Reform Yes

YES Expand Social Security No

YES Condemn Trump Admin Yes

YES Impeach Trump Yes

YES 10+ Articles of Impeachment No

YES Big Money Out of Politics No

YES Tax Billionaires Out of Existence No

YES Refuse Corporate Donations No

YES Breakup Big Banks No

YES Support Public Banking No

YES Criminal Justice Reform No

YES Against Police Brutality No

YES Ending Cash Bail No

YES Abolish Private Prisons No

YES Gun Background Checks No

YES Assault Weapons Ban No

YES Reduce Military Spending No

YES End Imperial Wars of Aggression No

YES Congress War Powers Protection Pledge No

YES Condemn USA Supported Coups No

YES Stop Drone Warfare No

YES Stop USA Supported Torture No

YES Condemn Israel’s Palestinian Oppression No

YES Benevolent Foreign Policy No

YES Support Julian Assange No

YES Support Chelsia Manning No

YES Support Whistleblowers No

YES Repeal Patriot Act No

YES Independent 9/11 Investigation No