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Night Birds - Mike Rufo

Story This song alludes to a story of a young couple who decide not to be together yet because the world is stuck in senseless violence, separation, and injustice. They decide to turn into night birds until humanity has had a consciousness transformation that eliminates war, hunger/poverty, and injustice. Of course, the song is as much a set of images and that's just one possible interpretation. Ultimately, it's about belief that a better world is possible and the comfort, love, and support that we provide to each other along the journey. Mike Rufo


March For Our Lives- Ain't Gonna let Nobody

The songs of the Civil Rights movement, the hymns in her minister father’s church, classical musical training, and the songwriters of the burgeoning folk movement of the 60’s provided rich soil and deep roots for Rose’s emerging gifts as a songwriter and singer. Her songs are an artful blend of beautifully crafted lyrics and music, with messages that inspire listeners to greater faith in the human capacity to create “a world of peace, of promise and of grace” (from Real To Me) Rose was a pioneering voice in the Women’s Cultural Movement of the 70’s and 80’s, singing at national and international festivals, touring the United States and Canada. Artists such as Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert, and Bobbi McFerron have sung and/or recorded her songs, as have numerous Women’s and Peace Choruses throughout the country. Contemporary cultural visionaries such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Matthew Fox, and Joanna Macy have included her music in their work.

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Memorial Day by Laura Zucker

On a hillside in this northern California town lies a field of crosses, one for every American soldier killed in our occupation of Iraq. This slide show is set to the passionate song "Memorial Day" written and performed by Laura Zucker of Lafayette. The compilation of photos put to music is by Ko Blix of Berkeley, California. With photo contributions by Chris Donton, Lynn MacMichaels and others. Uploaded by Daniel ben Avram. "Memorial Day" copyright © 2010 by Laura Zucker; "Crosses of Lafayette" iMovie copyright © 2011 by Brian Blix.


Heaven's Rent (Demo) by Richard Lipowitz

George Toilman is a singer songwriter and audio producer/engineer specializing in mixing. Follow to hear future updates regarding record releases and shows. Thanks. ~George

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