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2020-03-28 Ensure a fair and accessible election in 2020!

The 2020 election turnout rate is expected to be the largest in decades — possibly even the highest presidential turnout rate in more than one hundred years — with some predictions estimating that as many as two-thirds of all eligible voters may cast a ballot.

And now we are facing a global pandemic. When states require in-person voting, COVID-2019, or coronavirus, demonstrates another way things can go wrong.

With careful and proactive planning — starting today — our election systems can be prepared to handle an uncommonly busy 2020 Election Day.
We must urge our state election officials to put precautions and preparations in place. Encourage state election officials to: Install election security protocols;

Invest in Election Day resources including poll workers and voting machines; Establish polling place accessibility for all eligible voters; and Create an Election Day emergency preparedness plan. Enact Vote by Mail in ALL states

2020-03-28 Liberty Mutual must stop insuring tar sands

Insurance giant Liberty Mutual is a huge backer of the destructive tar sands sector, which spells disaster for the climate and Indigenous rights. As a top fossil fuel insurer with at least $8.9 billion invested in fossil fuel companies, Liberty Mutual is complicit in the destruction of waterways and sacred land.

Tar sands oil is one of the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fuels on the planet, and its extraction has already contaminated the drinking water and food of First Nations in Canada and unleashed massive amounts of carbon pollution.

All tar sands projects need one thing: insurance coverage. Without insurance, new tar sands mines, pipelines, and refineries cannot be built, and existing projects cannot continue to operate.


2020-03-28 Ban the practice of government officials trading individual stocks while in office

In the midst of a global pandemic, multiple senators have taken their first-hand knowledge of coronavirus and have PROFITED from it. Several senators dumped MILLIONS of dollars in stock following a January Congressional coronavirus briefing -- ahead of the steep stock market decline and economic crash.

Meanwhile, these senators downplayed the pandemic to their constituents, contributing to Trump’s initial message of “all is well”. These senators have deceived and abused their position and their country in a time of a global crisis. We cannot allow personal profiting from inside knowledge to be an option for our Congressional leaders.


2020-03-27 Bring Our Troops Home

At this time of national emergency, state National Guard troops should be here at home, not half way around the world fighting other people's civil wars. Sign our petition below urging President Trump to order the immediate return of all National Guard troops to the U.S. to help protect our own communities and assist healthcare workers in responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Put America first!


2020-03-27 Tell CalPERS and CalSTRS to Divest!

Petition the Boards of the California Employees Retirement System, the California State Teachers Retirement System, and other public investment funds in California to instruct their asset managers to: Stop investing in fossil fuel companies, beginning immediately; Divest from all current fossil fuel investments by 2022; Report quarterly to the public about the progress of these divestments.


2020-03-27 Prosecute Brazilian President Bolsonaro for genocide!

Brazilian lawyers and human rights activists are calling on the International Criminal Court in The Hague to investigate President Bolsonaro for inciting crimes against humanity and the murder of 300 indigenous people of the South American country.


[2020-03-26 Immigrants must feel safe to receive medical attention during the coronavirus outbreak](

To slow the deadly coronavirus, we need to be able to get tested and see doctors. For immigrants, though, that can involve trusting the federal agencies that have made it harder for them to stay in the country.

Trump’s restrictive immigration policies could deter people from seeking health services as communities work to contain the spread. Many people who lack legal immigration status tend to largely avoid hospitals out of fear that their information might be released to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants are estimated to live in the U.S. It is imperative they feel safe to access medical service.


2020-03-26 Tell Congress: Demand COVID-19 sanctions on Iran be suspended NOW!

U.S. sanctions on Iran are severely restricting life-saving medical supplies, including emergency medical relief and supplies like protective gear and ventilators. It’s predicted that if sanctions are not lifted, at least 3.5 million Iranians people will die of COVID-19.


2020-03-25 Vote by Mail must be available to ALL voters

We are months away from Election Day 2020, and Americans still struggle with access to the ballot box. Multiple roadblocks can impede access: long lines, limited polling place hours, difficulties getting time off from work, electronic machines that are vulnerable to hacking, inconvenient polling locations, transportation challenges, and voter suppression and intimidation -- the challenges to casting ballots are real.

And now we are facing a global pandemic. When states require in-person voting, COVID-2019, or coronavirus, demonstrates another way things can go wrong.

Vote by Mail can ease all of these stressors. Voting by mail breaks down barriers to voting for seniors, working families, disabled Americans, and young voters. It can even allow voters to avoid bad weather, and offer them a way to vote without fear of contracting coronavirus COVID-2019.


2020-03-25 Tell Gilead Siences to Widely License COVID-19 Drug if Approved

• Gilead Sciences makes an experimental medication that might prove effective in treating COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. • The company — which saw its revenue top $22 billion last year — rushed to acquire special monopoly privileges meant to spur development of medications that treat rare diseases. • A disease qualifies as “rare” if it afflicts fewer than 200,000 people in the U.S. at the time a company seeks the monopoly privileges. • Those privileges stay in place even if the patient population later exceeds 200,000. • And, as we all know, it is entirely possible that tens of millions of people will contract COVID-19. • Public Citizen and allies jumped into action, denouncing Gilead’s unconscionable effort to exploit the coronavirus crisis. And yesterday, Gilead backed down, rescinding its immoral monopoly claim.

There’s little doubt that the company’s reversal was due to the pressure it felt from Public Citizen and others.

But Gilead is still making only vague gestures toward reasonable pricing.

If Gilead’s medication proves to be a viable treatment for COVID-19, the company must commit right now to license the right to manufacture its medication to all qualified producers, in exchange for a modest royalty.

We can’t let one company hold the whole world hostage to its greed.


2020-03-25 Call on Congress to cancel student debt ASAP!

lhan just brought forward the Student Debt Emergency Relief Act with Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley to cancel at least $30,000 of each borrower’s student debt.

We can’t waste a moment when it comes to bringing working people emergency relief. Add your name to call on Congress to cancel student loan debt ASAP!


2020-03-24 Trump is lying about coronavirus. Networks must stop airing his press conferences.

Donald Trump holds almost daily press briefings from the White House about how the federal government is handling the coronavirus epidemic. And repeatedly, he says things that are not true—misinforming & misleading the public during a time of crisis.

The national media is doing a huge disservice by broadcasting these press conferences live, allowing Donald Trump to spew his fake propaganda to the general public. If he says something that is true, the media could always report it later after the fact. But live broadcasts of his lies are dangerous.


2020-03-24 CONGRESS: Cancel Student Debt to Stimulate the Economy

Canceling student debt in response to the Coronavirus crisis will help the 45 million people with student loans and stimulate the economy when it is needed most. It will allow borrowers to purchase the necessities their families depend on: food on their table, a roof over their head, and critical healthcare.

In the long term, a student debt cancellation stimulus would help prevent or reduce the impacts of an upcoming recession. Student debt cancellation can boost GDP by up to $108 billion a year and would add up to 1.5 million jobs per year.


2020-03-24 Urge Congress to Pass National Paid Sick Leave

The United States is still the only developed nation without a national policy on paid sick leave. Right now, American employees who lack paid sick leave must go to work to provide for their families – despite being ill, and possibly contagious.

But it's not just about Coronavirus; paid sick leave:

  1. is associated with reduced flu rates in the jurisdictions they cover, reduces costs of emergency health care services,
  2. saves employers money by reducing turnover costs of replacing workers,
  3. helps protect the paychecks and employment of survivors of domestic violence, and
  4. helps family caregivers.


2020-03-24 Poverty Amidst Pandemic: A Moral Response to COVID-19

he COVID-19 pandemic has forced us into an unprecedented national emergency. This emergency, however, results from a deeper and much longer-term crisis - that of poverty and inequality and of a society that ignores the needs of 140 million people who are poor or a $400 emergency away from being poor.

These millions of people are in dire need of critical attention immediately. We call on you to fulfill your moral and Constitutional responsibilities: expand the COVID-19 emergency provisions to care for us all and enact our Moral Agenda immediately.


2020-03-24 The Coronavirus has entered Gaza. Israel lift the siege on Gaza

The Coronavirus has entered Gaza. It's a catastrophe underway. Tell Congress, the World Health Organization, and the U.N. to speak out!

Ask your Senators and Representative to issue statements and introduce legislation telling Israel that it must IMMEDIATELY lift its siege on Gaza.


2020-03-23 Bernie has the best COVID-19 plan. Tell Congress to pass it!

Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has issued an emergency response to the coronavirus pandemic that Congress should use as its blueprint for action.

Bernie’s plan would: - Empower Medicare to lead the health care response. - Keep workers on payroll. - Prevent small and medium sized businesses from going under. - Give $2,000 cash payments to every person in America every month for the duration of the crisis. - Provide unemployment insurance for all at 100 percent of prior salary with a cap of $75,000 a year. - Ensure emergency paid family and medical leave for all. - Guarantee that no one goes hungry by expanding Meals on Wheels, school meals, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other programs so that everyone can receive nutritious meals, including delivered to people who cannot leave their homes. - Stop evictions, foreclosures, and utility shut-offs, suspend payment on mortgage loans for primary residencies and utility bills, provide rental assistance, and restore utility services to customers who have had their utilities shut off. - Waive all student loan payments for the duration of the emergency. - Provide emergency shelter, including by utilizing empty hotels. - Provide states and localities the financial support they need to address the crisis. - Protect family farmers and save farms by suspending loan payments, extending crop insurance and rural development loans, providing emergency loans, and expanding the Emergency Food Assistance Program. - Fight corporate corruption and price-gouging.


2020-03-23 No Boeing Bailout. Take Action Now!

We are in the midst of a global pandemic, the likes of which we have never seen before. While everyday Americans are struggling to afford basic necessities like food and rent, Boeing is demanding a $60 billion bailout for their shareholders and CEO. What Boeing fails to mention, however, is that American taxpayers regularly subsidize Boeing’s enormous profits-- including the $14.8 billion federal contract Boeing secured to create weapons of war just last year.

We need to place the needs of people over profit and ensure that we bail out main street, not wall street. We cannot continue to pour money into companies like Boeing which make a killing on killing. Now is the time to show true leadership and invest in workers and life-affirming programs.


2020-03-23 We need a swift, inclusive bailout, by and for the people

In this moment of crisis, we need to change the rules. Let’s pull together, as we've done in times past, to demand our government provides money and care to those who are hardest hit by this crisis.

We’re working with over 500 groups to demand our Members of Congress commit to the following 5 principles of just COVID-19 relief:

  1. Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions
  2. Economic relief must be provided directly to the people
  3. Rescue workers and communities, not corporate executives
  4. Make a downpayment on a regenerative economy while preventing future crises
  5. Protect our democratic process while protecting each other


2020-03-23 Write Your Senator For A Fair COVID-19 Response

House Democrats have authored their own comprehensive response bill to the COVID-19 crisis. Their bill takes vital steps to address this public health and economic emergency -- with strong oversight and checks-and-balances for how our money is spent. And, it takes the necessary steps to safeguard our democracy from this pandemic as well.

We’re calling on the Senate to adopt the House’s emergency response bill immediately. Both of your senators already did the right thing by opposing McConnell’s bad bill -- and you can make an impact by writing to thank them and urge them to take up the House’s bill.


2020-03-23 Tell the Trump Administration We Need a Science-Based Plan for Coronavirus Response

The Trump administration's suppression of science is directly hindering the nation's ability to handle the coronavirus crisis.

The administration has sidelined expert staff at agencies working to address this crisis, distorted health data collection for political purposes, restricted the ability of scientists from directly communicating important information, and spread inconsistent and confusing information to the public.


2020-03-23 No blank check bailouts for corporations. Put people first.

Choosing to write blank checks to corporations instead of directly helping people would be a monstrous mistake. Any stimulus package must first and foremost protect workers.

When Congress gave corporations a “no-strings bailout” following the 2008 financial crisis, workers were left behind as their employers grew richer. Corporations must not be allowed to prioritize stock buybacks or executive bonuses over workers’ pay and benefits yet again.

There are numerous policy initiatives Congress can and should focus on right now, such as implementing a national moratorium on all foreclosures and evictions, canceling student debt, and ensuring that undocumented people can safely access health care. Corporate bailouts don’t belong on that list.



We need to show the US Congress that we’re paying attention to the votes around the coronavirus and protections for our upcoming elections. Make it clear that you are standing with hundreds of civil rights groups to demand funding for the following:

  • No-excuse absentee voting-by-mail.
  • Extended early in-person voting period.
  • Online voter registration and same-day voter registration.
  • Voter education to inform the public of new practices and immediately quash disinformation.


2020-03-23 Free them

We sent a letter to Daniel Bible at ICE today, demanding that he use his powers to release immigrants in detention who are at great risk during normal times, let-alone during a pandemic.

We’re asking you to join us, and use the form below to add your voice. Send a message to Daniel Bible and ICE, to free detained immigrants. The immigrant community is at grave risk.


2020-03-23 Protect All Families in the Stimulus Package

At this moment, you are negotiating a stimulus package to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the damage it’s done to millions of families across the country.

Senate Republicans are attempting to push through a massive corporate bailout that will exclude millions of immigrants from needed relief in the stimulus package.

From food and agriculture workers to home and health care workers, we are all connected and dependent on each other. We must protect all families against the detrimental impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.


2020-03-23 Demand Secretary Mnuchin suspend sanctions on Iran for 120 days

The coronavirus doesn’t see borders. It doesn’t discriminate who it targets. If this tragic moment teaches us anything, it is that we are all connected — and in fighting this pandemic, we must all come together to survive.

There are at least 24,000 people infected with COVID-19 in Iran and over 1,900 have already passed away – there’s good reason to think those numbers could be higher given the rate of the virus’ spread and the Iranian government’s tight censorship.

As a community that cares about progressive foreign policy, we must reach across borders to push for sanctions on Iran to be suspended for at least 120 days.


2023-03-23 No Corporate Slush Fund

Under the terms of the bill Republicans want to pass, corporations would be required only to keep workers on the payroll “to the extent possible,” which means if businesses wanted, they could take billions in bailout money, then fire their workers anyway.

Democrats are fighting to make sure bailout money to corporations is spent so working people keep their jobs, not so billionaire CEOs can buy another yacht.


2020-03-23 Stop Pandemic Profiteers

Senators Richard Burr and Kelly Loeffler were given a briefing by top Trump administration officials about the threat of coronavirus. Then, as President Trump was still downplaying the risks to the American public, they sold off their stocks before a catastrophic market crash. And it looks like they may not have been the only ones.

Senators Burr and Loeffler had inside information, and it appears that they used it to profit off a global crisis. Now, they must resign from the Senate.


2020-03-23 Tell Congress to Pass Additional Coronavirus Relief Legislation!

Congress has taken an important first step by passing the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Members of Congress who pushed hard for swift passage of the bill deserve our gratitude, as do the nearly 50,000 PFAW members who took action to urge Congress to quickly pass the bill. In part because of your activism, millions of Americans will be provided paid family and sick leave, unemployment insurance will be expanded, and free COVID-19 testing will be provided nationwide (although we still need to play catch up on making more tests available – and fast).

The economic effects of this public health emergency are already being felt, but the proper government response, with the scope that this crisis demands, can help mitigate the damage and improve the outcome for all. Any industry relief package must include conditions to ensure that workers are taken care of, not C-suite executives and shareholders. Direct relief payments must be targeted to the workers, consumers, low-income people, and others who are most vulnerable and whose spending will spur the economy much better than massive “trickle-down” tax cuts for corporations and the ultra-wealthy.


2020-03-23 Healthcare Workers Need Protective Equipment Now

Let’s be clear, the federal government’s inadequate preparation for, and response to this outbreak, will lead to deaths-and many healthcare workers will be included in this number. We should have been producing and stockpiling protective equipment well in advance of this crisis. Your administration should have taken the potential risks of this outbreak much more seriously when it appeared on the horizon three months ago.

As the head of the federal government’s Coronavirus Task Force, we implore you to take the following critical actions immediately:

• The administration must make the production of masks a top priority. • The federal government has a stockpile of PPE’s. They’ve released about 1/4th of the stockpile, but more must be released immediately so that healthcare workers can do their job effectively and we can all be safe. • All healthcare workers should have immediate, free access to being tested to ensure that they are healthy and also not endangering non-infected patients. And • The federal government needs to stop watering down guidelines that keep us safe. The minimum standard of protection for a healthcare worker should be N95 masks.

Healthcare workers have shown their commitment to patients and the public. We need the same level of commitment from the Trump Administration and we need it now,.


2020-03-23 Investigate Sen. Burr & others

Any senator who used insider knowledge to make a profit off the coronavirus crisis has no right to hold office. Sen. Richard Burr and other senators who sold off stocks -- while publicly downplaying the threat of COVID-19 -- must be investigated and held accountable.


2020-03-23 Senators Richard Burr and Kelly Loeffler should immediately resign. But that's not all.

"US senators accused of coronavirus insider trading are a symbol of moral bankruptcy."

Senators Richard Burr and Kelly Loeffler had inside information, and it appears that they used it to profit off the global pandemic crisis -- even while Republican officials from the President on down were downplaying the virus. But they may not be the only ones.

Senators Burr and Loeffler should immediately resign after putting their own self-interest ahead of the public's health and economic security. Any member of Congress who claims to have unloaded stocks based on "public information" and who did not loudly sound the alarm bells should also resign.


2020-03-23 Trump Should Resign

The president is a clear and present danger to the nation’s public health, and he should resign immediately.

In a time when protecting the nation’s public health demands clear, truthful and compassionate leadership, Trump has refused to make scientifically based recommendations or ensure access to care for the public. He has failed to deliver vitally needed coronavirus tests and misstated his administration's own policies.

Trump's ineptitude is a threat to our public health. He must step down immediately for the good of the republic.


2020-03-23 Protect people in prisons, jails, and detention centers from COVID-19!

As people are coming together across the globe to keep each other healthy and safe, it's critical that we extend that care to members of our community who are in prisons, jails, and detention centers as well as their families and communities.

Join AFSC in calling on governors in every state and the leadership of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to respect the human rights and dignity of every person and take steps that help create healthier and safer communities for us all.


2020-03-23 Bill S. 3019/H.R. 6022, the inaccurately labeled “Accurate Labels Act

As the coronavirus economic stimulus bill moves through Congress, there are reports that industry is working to insert language that would take away state and local rights to implement warning labels on consumer products.

Bill S. 3019/H.R. 6022, the inaccurately labeled “Accurate Labels Act,” introduced by Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) and Reps. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Kurt Schrader (D-OR) is designed to comprehensively preempt the ability of states and municipalities to require the disclosure of harmful chemical ingredients in consumer products, such as carcinogens or reproductive toxins.

The bill would likely overturn numerous state and local laws (and potentially some federal programs), including mercury warning labels, cleaning product ingredient disclosure, disclosure of toxic flame retardants in furniture, disclosure of dangerous chemicals in children's products, and California's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (Prop 65).


2020-03-22 Call your Senators – Coronavirus CoVid- 19

Help make sure the coronavirus relief package in Congress protects the public health and keeps Americans financially safe.

Just enter your contact information, click 'Find Legislators' and we'll make sure you're connected to your Senators. Then click the ‘Call Me’ button and your phone will ring, so please answer it – it’s us calling with the connection!

We have included a few talking points you can use to talk to your Senator’s office. You can use these or say how you feel about this crisis, and how Congress should help. You likely will get voicemail, but offices are checking these messages. And we are hearing some voice mailboxes are full, so please try back later if so.


2020-03-21 Enact legislation to restore net neutrality and ensure equal access to the Internet for everyone

Net neutrality is what allows everyone to have equal access to the Internet, giving big tech companies, individual creators and scrappy startups a level playing field to innovate and create on the open Internet.

Under President Trump, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has caved to corporate interests and voted to strip internet users of their rights to choose what they do, where they go and whom they connect with online. Without basic net neutrality protections, large phone and cable companies are now able to block, throttle and slow access to sites and services at will, and charge new fees for users and companies to reach audiences online.

This month, a U.S. appeals court rejected a request to reconsider the FCC's net neutrality repeal. But they also threw out the part of the rule that blocks states from enacting their own protections. This gives us a huge opening!


2020-03-21 United Nations: BAN Trophy Hunting. STOP Poachers. END Imports.

More than 7.752.005.873 (billion) humans on Earth. Two-thirds of all animal species are being wiped out.

100,000 elephants killed in the last 3 years. Too many species with once robust populations now reduced to a few thousand, a few hundred or even less. Humans are rapidly destroying the natural world in a blood-soaked pursuit of greed, false-power, ego, ignorance and stupidity.

We are witnessing The Great Animal Extinction, this animal holocaust caused entirely by soulless humans.


2020-03-21 Tell the EPA: Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides

Neonics have been linked to massive declines in bee populations, and new research suggests they may also harm kids' developing nervous systems and brains.

We have a chance to force the EPA to listen to consumers instead of the pesticide industry, and to finally BAN neonics! But we only have until April 4 to make our voices heard.


2020-02-01 Tell Congress: Investigate the Afghanistan Papers NOW!

The Afghanistan Papers dropped — exposing that senior U.S. officials withheld key pieces of information for the past 18 years, including that the war was unwinnable, failing every single metric. In other words: the Afghanistan Papers exposed that U.S. war in Afghanistan has been — and still is today — built entirely on blatant lies. We HAVE to use the momentum of the Afghanistan Papers to push as hard as we can to end the endless U.S. war in Afghanistan. This starts with hauling the liars who have been enabling this endless war into Congress to say publicly, under oath, what we now know they admit behind closed doors. It is time for the truth.


2020-01-31 Sign the petition to Congress: We are ingesting toxins and destroying marine life. Address the plastics crisis now.

Did you know that when you put your groceries in a plastic bag, that bag could end up in the food that you eat? Here’s how it happens. Plastic often ends up in the ocean. Exposed to wave action and sunlight, plastic breaks down into small particles called “microplastics.” Those microplastics release toxins into the water, including flame retardants, dioxins, PCBs and pesticides. Plankton eat microplastic particles, introducing toxins into the marine food web. When fish eat these plankton, the toxins enter into their bodies. People eat the fish and can be exposed to dangerous levels of pollution. Additionally, when contaminated fish are used as animal feed, they can transfer pollutants to chickens, farm-raised fish, and pigs, which could also contain high levels of toxins.


2020-01-31 Protect Roe v. Wade!

When Donald Trump ran for president, he promised he’d appoint judges who would oppose the right to a safe and legal abortion, who would overturn Roe v. Wade. Now, we’re seeing the results. Extremist legislators and justices are racing to undo decades of legal precedent and put the issue before the Supreme Court as quickly as possible. It’s time for us to make our voices heard, to let the Supreme Court know that we oppose laws that get between doctors and people seeking a safe and legal abortion.


2020-01-31 Stop Trump from gutting Medicaid

As of January 29, the Trump administration is inviting states to turn Medicaid funding into block grants, which could destroy the program entirely. Medicaid funding to states is open-ended, depending on how many people need government health coverage, leaving room to respond to crises in states like natural disasters or economic downturns. Under a block grant system, however, Medicaid funding would be doled out in fixed federal payments. Once the money was spent, there wouldn’t be any more to meet need until the next grant period. Attempting to weaken Medicaid by turning it into block grants isn’t a new goal for conservatives or for Trump. This is a long-term attempt that isn’t just unethical and immoral—it’s illegal.


2020-01-31 White Coat Waste Project

In layman's terms, "Live Tissue Training" (LTT) is the outdated and unnecessary practice of intentionally stabbing, shooting, dismembering, and burning live animals so gov't personnel can crudely practice medical procedures.


2020-01-31 Sign and send a petition to your U.S. senators: Vote to convict and remove Trump from office.

Here are the facts: Donald Trump broke the law when he withheld hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid from Ukraine to pressure them to interfere in the 2020 election. The Government Accountability Office, an independent watchdog organization, has confirmed that his actions were, in fact, illegal. He abused his power, breached our trust, endangered our national security, and undermined the integrity of our elections. That’s why the House was forced to impeach him. And that's why, among many other reasons, we must remove him from office.


2020-01-30 Stand With Glenn Greenwald

In an obvious attempt to retaliate against The Intercept’s critical reporting on abuses committed by Brazilian judicial officials, prosecutors have filed a criminal complaint against our co-founder Glenn Greenwald. There is no democracy without a free press. We ask advocates for press freedom everywhere to join in condemning the Bolsonaro government’s transparent effort to intimidate and criminalize journalists.


2020-01-30 Stop the Border Wall

We ask our government officials to end the declaration of a national emergency on the border. We ask that the government order all border wall construction be suspended. The proposed border wall is a colossal waste of money and a monument to hate which will destroy fragile ecosystems created by the river and threaten our only water supply, the Rio Grande—an already endangered river.