Poetry of the People

It's All Just Insane!

Corporations, our country they do run. A Democratic one, I know of none!

It's our jobs, India & China are receiving. NAFTA, GATT & WTO, oh so deceiving!

Bankrupt our country, they are quickly making. Our public resources, privatized & ripe for the taking!

Big business Nine, the people naught. A Supreme Court with so little thought!

Standardize and trivalize our public education. Intelligent thinking, that's held under suspicion!

Freedom, Justice & Civil Rights we once cherished. The Patriot Act and now they are banished!

News media cheer corporate greed & wars. Freedom of speech quashed as advertising soars!

Indians, slaves, Rwandans, Armenians & Jews, Genocide victims all. Joined now by Palestinians, Haitians & Iranians, War Crimes I call!

World war, Cold war, Drug war, Terrorist war. Neverending war or just plain addiction to war!

Government officials just act like mindless sheep. But there is no outcry, the people seem all asleep!

Reagan-Contras, Bush-Noriega, Clinton-Waco, Bush-Osama & Bush-Saddam, this is all wacko!

Patriotic duty to support wars on Afghanistan & Iraq. Tortues and war crimes are suddenly back!

Even when evil people seize one's Government. Yet you still wave the flag with endearment!

Are you a good patriot or perhaps a damn traitor? But in the end, each of us will face our maker!

9-11 attack done by Osama or was it run by Bush? Investigate yourself, it's another clandestine ambush!

Jobs, social programs, freedoms gone, Replaced by slavery & Police State! Middle class, please look closely at the Third World, It's soon to be your fate!

Reagan, Bush, Clinton & Gore, Bush-Cheney & Kerry are just more!

Corporate owned, the Repulicrats are all the same. So I'm voting for Nader, as otherwise I'd just be insane!

Michael Kerr May 9, 2004