What Next for Progressives

Bernie Sanders has inspired a new generation to join the Progressive Movement!

I supported the election of Bernie Sanders for President, because Bernie deserved our full support. He was our best hope for survival! We were disappointed by his suspended campaign, but now we must move on without him as a Presidential candidate.

Bernie's Special Message - While the Campaign Ends, the Struggle for Justice Continues


Bernie has always said it wasn't about him, but about us and a Progressive Movement! We have Bernie's Progressive Issues Platform! We the foundations of a powerful Progressive Movement in the thousands of Progressive Individuals, Organizations and Alternative Media that have worked tirelessly for many decades. We just need to unite in a common effort to educate and motivate the public masses that there is a better way than the ruthless oligarchic rule of rich corporate elite!


Support Organizations and their Vetted Progressive Candidates

Please become active with organizations promoting Progressive Candidates


Don’t Just Swallow “for profit” Corporate Media Information!

Keep up with Progressive News and Opinions!

Alternative Media

Support Progressive Organizations

These are some of the organizations trying to make the world a better place for all!

Progressive Organizations

The Green Party is a Progressive Alternative to the Corporate Parties!

Registering Green is your best way to send a message to the corporate Democratic Party leaders that your time is about up!

Every Bernie Sanders Progressive should sign up as a Green Party member in CA and other States that have already held their primaries. Voting in the November General election is not effected by your Party registration!

Further, Joe Biden (or even a dead dog) will win California by a large margin against Trump in November. There is no excuse for active progressives and Bernie supporters to not vote for the Green Party Presidential candidate in November, because unfortunately, there just aren't that many of us. Every vote for the Green Party matters. Achieving 5% of the vote nationally would grant the Green Party easier ballot access in many states and open up public funds to our campaigns.

For decades, there have been two competing stratagies, those who want a progressive third party and those who want to transform the Democratic Party from within. No reason we can't strategically do both! Supporting an actual functoning progressive national political party such as the Green Party* actually helps those who want to transform the corporate Democratic Party from within! We just shouldn't put all our eggs into one basket!

Please read the Open Letter below from the Green Party!

An open letter to Bernie Sanders supporters

Green Party