Social Justice Advocate and Web Designer

Daniel Zwickel ben Avram

I am longtime friend of Michael since our days with Nuremberg Actions at the Concord Naval Weapons Station. I host several of his websites. I, Daniel Zwickel ben Avram, am a longtime social justice activist, vegan, muscian, web designer and progressive webhost . I am Daniyal Shakur Mujmaea bin Ibrahim, bin Jann (Daniel, son of Jean, son of Abraham and grateful for the many blessings I enjoy) I’ve been designing, hosting and maintaining Websites, free of charge for the peace & social justice community with my domain, PeaceHost.net (“Saving the World, One Webpage at a Time”) since before the turn of the century! Your patronage allows me to continue volunteering my services.

Peace and Freedom Party - California's Feminist Socialist Political Party

The Peace and Freedom Party is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. We represent the working class, those without capital in a capitalist society. We organize toward a world where cooperation replaces competition, a world where all people are well fed, clothed and housed; where all women and men have equal status; where all individuals may freely endeavor to fulfill their own talents and desires; a world of freedom and peace where every community retains its cultural integrity and lives with all others in harmony.
Veteran For Peace - San Luis Obispo

Chris Knudson

I have known Michael for 5 years and have attended numerous peace actions and protests against illegal wars with him in that time. We have also been arrested together several times while working for peace and I give my full support to Michael in his endeavor to run for congress.
Manages Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective and Nevada Desert Experience

Laura-Marie River Victor Peace

Michael is a good friend to stand with at demonstrations and cause peace with. I appreciate his mind with its fiery insights and his big heart with its kindness. I see him as a force of good for the world, and I endorse him as full of integrity, generous values, and compassion. I wish all leaders were like him. As for me, I make zines and help run the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective and Nevada Desert Experience while living in community with the Las Vegas Catholic Worker. Please join us in the desert to stop drone warfare and nuclearism while refreshing our spirits on the Sacred Peace Walk.
Founder of Crosses of Lafayette

Jeff Heaton

"I met Michael when we first started planting crosses to represent the soldiers dying in Iraq on the hillside across the BART station in Lafayette. The peace installation is called the Crosses of Lafayette. To this day 4000 crosses remain as a protest against forgetting. When a retired Corporal knocked down our sign that states the number of US soldiers who had died in Iraq Mike immediately went and put the sign back up. Mikes effort is symbolic of his never ending dedication to a call to action. I endorse Michael for Congress. We need to seriously consider electing representatives that stand up for sustainable policies that the corporate news will not even discuss. "
Green Party

Laura Wells

Yes, I am happy to endorse you for Congress, District 11 in 2020. I’ve checked out your website and your business card. You list and say so many necessary things, PLUS you’ve been actively engaged in organizing to bring those things about: peace, justice, ecology. Thank you for running! Laura was a founding member of the Green Party County Council in Alameda County and a co-founder and managing editor of the state’s Green Party newspaper, Green Focus. Laura has kept the Green Party and progressive issues in the public's attention by running for State Controller in 2002, 2006 and 2014, Governor in 2010 and congress 13th District in 2018. www.cagreens.org, www.evolve-ca.org, www.venezuelanalysis.com
Nevada County Peace and Justice Center

Shirley Osgood

I am a long time peace activist and retired social worker. I'm proud to say that that I have known Michael Kerr for ten years and during that time we have worked together for peace and justice. environmental health, immigrant and Native American rights, and economic justice. Michael is a man of deep integrity who speaks out and stands up for what he believes to be right. I am delighted to have stood next to him as well when arrested with him for peace and justice in the world. (Center Person in Photo)
Code Pink

Toby Blomé

Michael Kerr has been on the front lines of peace & justice movement for decades. He's hard working and committed to working for progressive change. I am very honored to support this courageous effort of his.
Peace & Justice Activist

Pamela Osgood

I am a retired ESL teacher and a lifelong worker for peace and justice, the environment and animal rights. I have known Michael for more than nine years. He is a man of great integrity, a man of principle, and a kind, gentle, caring soul. He would make a terrific representative because he cares deeply about making the world and this country a mre livable and just place to live. I endorce him whole heartedly.
Early Childhood Educator and Author

Nancy Katherine Reimer

I have known Michael Kerr for a long time. We met in the movement to end the illegal, U.S.-backed war in Central America, which killed so many poor and indigenous people in the 1980s. Mike has been working for peace and social justices since he was a young man in the military, based overseas. He is hardworking, honest, intelligent, and well-informed, the sort of person we need in Congress, especially now. Mark DeSaulnier is a good man too but, seems reluctant to really confront the bi-partisan status quo, especially the corporate democrats who have taken over the party. My father worked in FDR Roosevelt’s New Deal and brought us up to know that the government could and should work for the good of all - even make great strides in a few years. It takes courage, vision, and a mandate, however, plus people of integrity and persistence - like Mike Kerr. He has worked to improve conditions for workers and mass incarceration, clean up the environment, stop the threat of nuclear accidents, and war. He has put himself on the line to oppose human rights’ violations, such as drone killings, and to end aggression and occupation. In the 1960s, Martin Luther King spoke of “the fierce urgency of now”, which surely resonates today. He stated sadly that “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world is my own government”. It is still time. We must work to change it with the help of good people like Mike Kerr.

Oscar Grant Committee

Against Police Brutality and State Repression. We are working with various local families of senseless police killings and brutality. People of color and veteran activists know that murders and cover-ups by police are nothing new. What's new is the recording equipment that enables us to document them, and the Internet, which enables us to publish this evidence and in California recent laws: Senate Bill 1421, from Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, deasl a blow to the overly secretive California Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights, forcing law enforcement agencies to disclose the details of use-of-force investigations and the personnel records of cops who commit crimes while on duty. AB 392, The California Act to Save Lives, will clarify that police officers can use deadly force only when there are no alternatives that would prevent death or serious bodily injury. Officers’ conduct leading up to a shooting will also be considered when determining whether deadly force is justified — not just the moment the officer pulls the trigger. (See Police Brutality & Martyers)

California Progressive Alliance

The California Progressive Alliance (CPA) is a statewide independent volunteer network of progressive individuals, groups, and organizations united by our shared belief that a better California is possible by reclaiming our government from the corporate interests that have overshadowed the voice of the people. Together–regardless of party affiliation or no party affiliation–we seek to (1) elevate progressive ideas throughout the state, (2) promote the creation of local political alliances and people-powered coalitions to enact progressive change in local government, (3) support corporate-free progressive candidates and progressive issue-based electoral campaigns, and (4) wield our collective power to lobby the state legislature on current and future legislation, as well as research and write new model legislation.