Why I'm Running

I am a long time progressive activist. I won't be controlled by corporations and big money interests. I will be outspoken for the interests of the people.

For over 45 years, I have been a progressive activist. I am motivated to run for the 11th Congressional District to further the many progressive issues that are being ignored by my incumbent.

Big money and corporations control our mainstream media and most of our government officials. Their interests are maximizing profits and not the interests of the average person. I will be a bullhorn for alternative viewpoints that place the interests of the people first.

My campaign will not focus on just winning an election which, admittedly, will be quite a longshot this time around! No, my prime focus will be on using the election and my candidacy to speak out on the many progressive issues ignored by the corporate media and both the corporate controlled Republican and Democratic Parties.

The spirts willing, this campaign is just the beginning. I intend to be an eternal Congressional candidate until such time as I am elected to Congress, or another true outspoken progressive has been elected. I hope you will join and support me in that effort.

We have so little time to save Humanity and Mother Earth!

With Peace & Justice, Michael E Kerr

Highlighted Community Events

Bernie is People's Candidate

Progressive Views on Candidates

The People of the World Say: No War On Iran!

World Beyond War

Women's March Walnut Creek

Women's March Walnut Creek

Move to Amend

US Constitution Amendment to unequivocally state that inalienable rights belong to human beings only

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2020 California Progressive Alliance

CPA Annual Meeting

Commemorating the Life of Oscar Grant. We are ALL Oscar Grant! Gone But Not Forgotten

Oscar Grant Remembered

About War on Iran

Unable to justify its actions to the U.N. Security Council, the U.S. has been for years illegally attacking Iran, another U.N. member country in violation of our constitution, the UN Charter and the Nuremberg Principles .

Trump has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal despite Iran’s full compliance and U.S. Allies objections. Trump has initiated severe economic sanctions hoping to create internal destabilizing unrest in Iran. Trump has been increasing U.S. troop levels in Iraq with Iran now surrounded by dozens of U.S. military bases in Iraq and Pakistan.

An attack on Iran could easily escalate into a large-scale war in the Middle East, further destabilizing the region. The government of Pakistan might fall to revolutionary forces who might enter the war on the side of Iran, thus introducing nuclear weapons into the conflict. Russia and China, firm allies of Iran, might also be drawn into a general war in the Middle East.

In a full-blown U.S. war with Iran, up to a million people could die initially. Hundreds of thousands more could die in the vacuum to follow. Millions would be made refugees. The likely closing of the Strait of Hormuz would cut off a major oil source for many large industrialize nations creating worldwide economic disruption.

Back in 2017, with the exception of Bernie Sanders, Democrats in Congress voted for sanctions on Iran that helped Trump kill the nuclear deal. And even recently, the Democrats overwhelmingly voted for a massive military budget and helped kill a proposal from Sanders and Ro Khanna that opposed unauthorized military action against Iran.

The past two decades has seen the U.S. commit numerous extreme war crimes and violations of International Law in the Middle East. Israel’s right-wing Zionist government of Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia have been active cheerleaders while other western “allies” have also been collaborators, equally at fault, for decades tolerating in silence these heinous acts of mass murder and wars for power and resources and for world hegemony.


General Qassem Suleimani was influential and respected in Iran and throughout the Middle East for his help with Iraq and Syria armed forces in defeating ISIS. Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’ The US act of impunity in killing General Suleimani was a clear declaration of war on Iran.

Read More

About Trump Impeachment

Impeachment of Trump

Nader's 12 Articles Impeachment

One must realize, this impeachment ignored all the real crimes Trump has done that actually affect people. These two Articles of Impeachment involve one corporate party trying to punish the other for daring to smear one party’s, would be, anointed corporate candidate Joe Biden. Except for Trump’s offense behavior, Corporate Democrats actually like much of what Trump has done to further Deep State control of America and the World.

On November 22, 2019, Ralph Nader, Louis Fisher, Bruce Fein wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging her to act on their proposed 12 Articles of Impeachment. Pelosi and Democrats Ignored their warning and concerns.

Excerp of Letter: The House impeachment inquiry into President Trump should be commensurate with the frightening breadth of his constitutional lawlessness, including multiple obstructions of justice. Narrowly focusing on the solicitation of bribery and an illegal foreign campaign contribution connected to Ukraine while leaving the vast number of other constitutional wrongs or usurpations unsanctioned would be disastrous for moving public opinion in favor of impeachment.

The unrebuked usurpations would set a precedent that would lie around like a loaded weapon ready for use by future occupants of the White House who claim limitless executive power except a Ukraine-type shakedown. They would downgrade the quality of presidential candidates and lower public expectations of the presidency to alarming levels.

Moreover, Mr. Trump will repeatedly claim his other impeachable abuses are meritless. Since a Democratic majority in the House did not act more broadly, he will denounce the accusations as lies and fake news.

Ralph and Constitutional scholar Bruce Fein feel Congress has abdicated its duty to set a high bar for presidential conduct. Nader states the articles of impeachment against Trump are “far too narrow and perilous.” Congress has “come forward with a very narrow hand … for the most impeachable president of all time,.

Jimmy Dore, host of the Jimmy Dore Show, alleges criminality by the FBI and discusses why the Democrats can’t oppose Trump on policy, why the impeachment is a ‘circus show,’ how the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, health insurance companies own both the Republican and Democratic parties, and more!

Chris Hedges: The United States is sick with income and other forms of social inequality. It suffers from cruelty, loneliness, greed, gangster capitalism, white supremacy, violence, sexism and a culture of ignorance and distraction. Our broken political system does not encourage critical thinking or nurture a capacity for responsible, engaged citizenship. President Donald Trump is the human embodiment of almost everything wrong with American society. He is both the symptom and the disease.

Donald Trump should have been impeached the first week of his presidency under the emoluments clause. But again, the Democrats have failed for several years now to stand up for the rule of law, never mind the Republican Party’s complicity with Trump. But now the only time the Democrats respond to Trump’s lawlessness and innumerable impeachable offenses is when Trump goes after Joe Biden. When Trump and his Republican Party go after Biden, the anointed candidate of the donor class, then they respond with impeachment. The Democratic Party’s leaders would not respond before because it wasn't politically expedient.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, did not vote in favor of impeachment: She voted “present.” Gabbard has called for censure instead. “I came to the conclusion that I could not in good conscience vote yes or no,” she said in a statement after the vote, calling impeachment “a partisan process, fueled by tribal animosities that have so gravely divided our country.”


About American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism

Political Martyrs

Hall of Shame - United States

I find that the United States Government leadership prefers to ignore and/or downplay all the evil actions that have occurred continuously in the United States since its founding. Thus, for our country’s leadership, a nation's greatness is based solely on its wealth and power in the world regardless of how this wealth and power was obtained. In simple terms they believe in "My Country, Right or Wrong!".

This was a philosophical principal that allowed Nazi Germany to seize power while ignoring the horrible consequences for tens of millions of people and the near destruction of "human civilization" in WW2.

This has also been the guiding principal of Corporations. Maximizing Shareholder Profits is what makes a corporation "exceptional" and not how it obtains that wealth. Any concern about employees, community, our country, the world, our environment is an afterthought. “My Corporation Right or Wrong”, My Wealth and Power, Right or Wrong” The end result has been the seizure of our government, most of our media and also our social culture by Multi-National Corporations (aka: The Military Industrial Prison Complex, The Deep State).

Profit and Power by any means necessary rules our country! The welfare of the average American means nothing! How is our situation different from what occurred in Nazi Germany! Profit and Power by any means necessary rules our country!

In the words of the scholar activist S. Brian Willson: "The culture and nation state of the United States of America is founded on the egregious and forceful dispossession of others. You might even call it an earlier version of fascism – institutional dehumanization for private profit… So, not only does the lie of “exceptionalism” enable us to avoid extremely unpleasant thoughts and feelings, but it also discourages asking enlightening, delving questions, about who we really are as a people. This makes us dangerously stupid.

Why mess with the apparent successful myth of being exceptional? But thoughtlessness – a suspension of critical thinking – today leads to a dangerous, nuclear, arrogant war-making society. Not unintelligent, but stupid. And the power brokers, and many in the population, have a vested interest in remaining stupid to protect the comfortable original lie, that requires countless subsequent lies, in turn, to preserve that original lie. "


Climate Catastrophe


About Green New Deal

Only 11 Years Left to Prevent Irreversible Damage from Climate Change

“We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to our planet,” General Assembly President María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés (Ecuador) warned the gathering in her opening remarks, stressing that 11 years are all that remain to avert catastrophe.

Highlighting the meeting’s theme, Ms. Espinosa called for an intergenerational approach to climate change. “Climate justice is intergenerational justice,” she said, calling on States to act collectively and responsibly.

Pointing to intensified calls by youth leaders for action on climate change, she said that 2019 must be a year of climate action at all levels.

Drawing inspiration from the thousands of students worldwide demanding tangible action, she called on world leaders to make 2020 the last year carbon emissions increase due to human activities.

To achieve these goals, people worldwide must change their patterns of consumption, she said, noting that, every year, 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted as some 2 billion people suffer of hunger and malnutrition.

Only 11 Years Left to Prevent Irreversible Damage from Climate Change

Extinction Rebellion on COP25: ‘What a pile of shite this is

COP25: ‘What a pile of shite this is

Professor Johan Rockstrom, the top climate scientist. Rockstrom said that “There is a risk of disappointment in the UN process because of the inability to recognise that there is an emergency ”, Rockstrom has confirmed to Extinction Rebellion that the world remains on course towards the loss of billions of human lives:

“a 4 C world will not, as far as we know today, be able to accommodate an 8 billion world (i.e., our current population of 7.7, rounded to eight), or maybe not even half of that (my judgment). This is, in my assessment, a reasonable (but still disastrous and dramatic) outcome, i.e., that we are moving towards a climate state that could not accommodate today’s population, much less a 10 billion population, and which may cut population down dramatically from current totals.”

Extinction Rebellion on COP25: ‘What a pile of shite this is


The Science is Clear: The Emergency

2019-09-25 Climate Action Strike - Shutting Down Banks in SF

Climate Emergency: An Open Letter to Concerned Global Citizens

In our complex, interdependent global ecosystem, life is dying, with species extinction accelerating. The climate crisis is worsening much faster than previously predicted. Every single day 200 species are becoming extinct. This desperate situation can’t continue.

Political leaders worldwide are failing to address the environmental crisis. If global corporate capitalism continues to drive the international economy, global catastrophe is inevitable.

Complacency and inaction in Britain, the USA, Australia, Brazil, across Africa and Asia all illustrate diverse manifestations of political paralysis, abdicating humankind’s grave responsibility for planetary stewardship.

International political organizations and national governments must foreground the climate-emergency issue immediately, urgently drawing up comprehensive policies to address it. Conventionally privileged nations must voluntarily fund comprehensive environment-protection policies in impoverished nations, to compensate the latter for foregoing unsustainable economic growth, and paying recompense for the planet-plundering imperialism of materially privileged nations.

With extreme weather already hitting food production, we demand that governments act now to avoid any risk of hunger, with emergency investment in agro-ecological extreme-weather-resistant food production. We also call for an urgent summit on saving the Arctic icecap, to slow weather disruption of our harvests.

We further call on concerned global citizens to rise up and organize against current complacency in their particular contexts, including indigenous people's rights advocacy, decolonization and reparatory justice – so joining the global movement that's now rebelling against extinction (e.g. 'Extinction Rebellion' in the UK).

We must collectively do whatever's necessary non-violently, to persuade politicians and business leaders to relinquish their complacency and denial. Their "business as usual" is no longer an option. Global citizens will no longer put up with this failure of our planetary duty.

Every one of us, especially in the materially privileged world, must commit to accepting the need to live more lightly, consume far less, and to not only uphold human rights but also our stewardship responsibilities to the planet.

Dr Vandana Shiva Delhi, India Naomi Klein Author Noam Chomsky Laureate professor, University of Arizona, Institute Professor (emeritus) MIT, USA Prof AC Grayling Master of the New College of the Humanities, London, UK Philip Pullman UK Dr Rowan Williams UK Bill McKibben Founder, 350.org, Brooklyn, New York, US -see full list of signers-

Climate Emergency: An Open Letter to Concerned Global Citizens


About Mass Incarceration - Prison & Justice Reform

Mass Incarceration Info Links

Alternatives to Incarceration

Justice and Safety for All

Police Brutality

Police Brutality Martyers

Since the 60s, the Prison-Industrial Complex has enriched itself with our taxpayer money while deliberately creating mass hysteria about crime. Meanwhile they have enacted crime bills that have only helped exasperated crime and diminished many of our cherished freedoms and civil rights. Enacted amid media hyped nationwide concerns over rising crime rates, the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 have made the United States the world’s number one incarcerator. Today, 6.7 million people are under some sort of correctional control, approximately 2.3 million are behind bars in jails and prisons, and 4.5 million are on probation and parole. Our punitive response to crime has played a critical role. Our Government has also promoted the militarization of our police. Today our legal-judicial-prison system has become a cash cow feeding off our treasury with little interest in understanding, preventing and solving the causes of criminal behavior. Enough is enough!

About Green New Deal

The Green New Deal will convert the decaying fossil fuel economy into a new, green economy that is environmentally sustainable, economically secure and socially just.

The Green New Deal starts with transitioning to 100% green renewable energy (no nukes or natural gas) by 2030. It would immediately halt any investment in fossil fuels (including natural gas) and related infrastructure.

The Green New Deal will guarantee full employment and generate up to 20 million new, living-wage jobs, as well as make the government the employer of last resort with a much-needed major public jobs program.

Our nation – and our world – face a “perfect storm” of economic and environmental crises that threaten not only the global economy, but life on Earth as we know it. The dire, existential threats of climate change, wars for oil, and a stagnating, crisis-ridden economic system require bold and visionary solutions if we are to leave a livable world to the next generation and beyond.

About 9/11 - Act of Treason

Having gone through a demanding 5 year Science Engineering program at Northwestern University, I knew, from day one on September 11,2001, that it had been an impossibility for the towers to have collapse absent explosive demolition. In a hundred years it had never happened before, yet 3 steel frame high rise towers all collapsed on the same day and none ever since.

Only slowly did I start to learn of others who had problems with our government's conspiracy story and were doing their own amazing research. Families' of the victims literally had to publicly shame the government into conducting an actual investigation.

In 2005, the 9/11 Commission Report was finally released. I was shocked at how it ignored all the evidence uncovered by researchers , refused to answer questions of the families and yet still provided NO evidence of its own to support its conspiracy theory. To me, the 9/11 Commission Report was a confession that 9/11 had actually been an inside job organized, managed and covered up by my government. But to be more precise, 9/11 was done by the Deep State that has seized near total control of my government, its elected officials, legal system and mainstream media.

Since 2005, I have offered a $100,000.00 reward to the first person who can demonstrate otherwise. I have had no takers. People who continue to believe the government's 9/11 fairytale conspiracy theory need to put up or accept the horrid truth about our government. The movie "Operation Terror" banned from Corporate Movie Theaters is an accurate depiction of the 9/11 events based on known evidence.

911 Reward

Operation Terror

9/11 - Act of Treason

Continuous Explosions Leveled the Towers

More than 3,000 architects and engineers have signed our petition to Congress demandinf a new independent investigation of the events of 9/11

Join Thousands of Architects and Engineers who together are calling for a new investigation of the World Trade Center's destruction.

To the Members of the House of Representatives and of the Senate of the United States of America,


On Behalf of the People of the United States of America, the undersigned Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and affiliates hereby petition for, and demand, a truly independent investigation with subpoena power in order to uncover the full truth surrounding the events of 9/11/01 - specifically the collapses of the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7. We believe there is sufficient doubt about the official story and therefore the 9/11 investigation must be re-opened and must include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives that might have been the actual cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Lt. Col. Shelton F. Lankford, US Marine Corps (ret.)

“September 11, 2001 seems destined to be the watershed event of our lives and the greatest test for our democracy in our lifetimes.

The evidence of government complicity in the lead-up to the events, the failure to respond during the event, and the astounding lack of any meaningful investigation afterwards, as well as the ignoring of evidence turned up by others that renders the official explanation impossible, may signal the end of the American experiment.

It has been used to justify all manner of measures to legalize repression at home and as a pretext for behaving as an aggressive empire abroad.

Until we demand an independent, honest, and thorough investigation and accountability for those whose action and inaction led to those events and the cover-up, our republic and our Constitution remain in the gravest danger.”

Lt. Col. Shelton F. Lankford

Award-winning film-maker, Massimo Mazzucco’s Quiz Video about 9/11

How much do you really know about the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

The oft-cited official story: “19 Islamic hijackers armed with box-cutters take over four passenger planes flying in the American skies. Two of these planes are crushed against the Twin Towers in New York, the third plane hits the Pentagon, and a fourth one is crashed intentionally by the passengers in an open field in Pennsylvania. The Twin Towers later collapse due to structural failures caused by the impacts and the ensuing fires, killing some 3,000 people.

This is, by-and-large, the official version of the events of 9/11, as told every year by the mainstream media all around the world.”

But how much do you really know about what truly happened on September 11th? And I’m not talking conspiracy theories here. I’m talking about simple, verifiable facts that somehow seem to have gone unnoticed in the big narrative maelstrom that has been 9/11 ever since.

9/11 Terror Attacks Quiz


More Specific Opinions

Administrative Priorities

  1. Initiate implementation of the Green New Deal immediately.

  2. Implement immediately Medicare For All.

  3. Get Big Money out of our Elections via 100% Public financing.

Circumvent Citizen United ruling by funding candidates and issues publicly to effectively neutralize big money expenditures. Obtain Funds by special tax on multi-national corporations.

Will use my Congressional bullhorn to attack any policies, tax schemes that don't help address these issues above.

We have 10 years to save, not just America, but the world from runaway climate catastrophe.


Citizen’s United

I support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions.

The Citizen's United decision by the Supreme Court demands certain Justice's Impeachment. It is insane to think that our Republic will long survive where big money has free reign over our election system.

It is outrageous that a corporation as a legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners should have the same, but more rights of people in our election system. To refer a corporation as a "legal person" is insanity!

I support 100% public financing of all government elections. Until Citizen's United is overturned, we can counter it by providing amble public financing to counter it's effects on candidates and issue ballots.

Public costs can be reduced by requiring media companies to provide free air time to political campaigns because airwaves are public resources. Also corporations that advertise on radio, satalite, tv and online could be taxed to cover public costs.



I would slash military spending drastically. We don't need 800 bases across the globe in over 100 countries. The Military-Industrial-Prison (MIP) complex steals our limited taxes to create more and more weapons. They lobby our Congress on unsubstantiated fears for more wars, continued wars and military sales to other countries.

Our foreign Policy is based on providing our tax money to foreign leaders on the condition they buy more U.S. Corporate weapons to threaten neighbors and oppress their people. The MIP fears a Peaceful oriented Foreign Policy that would help the people of other nations.


National Security

The United States shouldn't use military force to prevent governments hostile to the U.S. from possessing a weapon of mass destruction (for example: nuclear, biological, chemical)

I support reducing military intervention in Middle East conflicts.

I would slash military spending drastically. We don't need 800 bases across the globe in over 100 countries.

The Military-Industrial-Prison (MIP) complex steals our limited taxes to create more and more weapons. They lobby our Congress on unsubstantiated fears for more wars, continued wars and military sales to other countries.

The destabilization of greater Middle East is the sole result of U.S. Military and Foreign Policy.

With proper monitoring, the U.S. must help people of the Middle East rebuild their own nation. Diplomacy and positive economic aid create positive Peaceful Democratic government. Sanctions and military force create hatred & violence.



I am strong supporter of a women's right to choose based on Roe vs. Wade guidelines. While I understand that individuals may have honest religious beliefs against abortion. Pro-Choice does not interfere with that right. It is an individual choice. I do not support harassment of women in making that choice.

The issue of abortion has been used by both the Democratic and Republican Parties to divide Americans, so people ignore other important issues. The real moto of most politicians and organizations should be "Sanctity of Life Ends at Birth". Wars and Corporate Profits take precedence over needs of People.

Both groups actually want to limit abortions, but that decision must not be made by government coertion against the will of a women. Access to affordable healthcare, family planning, birth control, sex education and good living conditions can go along way toward preventing unwanted pregnacies


Gun Safety

I generally support gun-control legislation.

Gun safety issues have always been used as wedge issue between Republicans and Democrats.

Mental health screenings and treatment, universal background checks, red flag laws and requiring gun licenses all get broad bipartisan support, according to polls, even among a majority of gun owners.

Mass killings, especially at schools, seldom respect politics, religion or social standing.

We need sensible gun safety regulations. The Supreme Court has ruled that Americans have a right to keep handguns at home. In a National Poll, 73%, believed the Second Amendment guarantees the rights of Americans to own guns. Confiscation of guns is scare tactic.

Public Believes Americans Right To Own Guns

Facts About Guns In United States

NPR Poll After Parkland Number of Americans Who Want Gun Restrictions Grows

Poll Most Americans Want to See Congress Pass Gun Restrictions


Police Right to Brutality and to Kill

This is my response to DA Diana Becton's Opinion Piece concerning the killing of Terry Amons and others by police officers!

Perhaps, I understand why Diane Becton (or any DA) might dread those times when confronted with prosecuting a police officer involved in unnecessary brutality or killing. DAs often need police cooperation in obtaining convictions in other criminal cases. Also, the general (mostly white) public often seems unable to separate wrongful individual police actions from the good they perceive in having the protections of a police force! This blind public attitude then gives police extra ordinary influence in elections of the DA and other judicial officers!

If any average person had admittedly shot and killed someone, there would be an uproar by the public and media, if the "killer" was not prosecuted in court for at least the minimum of involuntary manslaughter if not more depending on the circumstances. And suspects would be behind bars with a significantly large bail (out of reach of most people) until trial.

The police, however, can willfully kill people; never spend a moment in jail; never be interrogated by independent investigators at the time of the crime; be fully supported by the "Mafia like" code of silence of the police union and fellow officers, and then fully expect the DA to accept the conclusions of the police in house investigation "cover-up". Usually, some public embarrassment and a paid leave of absence (vacation) will be the officer's only punishment.

After often years of civil court struggles and cries for justice by the family, the government, insurance company and taxpayers pay the settlement (hush) money to make things all okay! But money is never enough to erase the pain of losing a family member.

It is rare for a police officer to be fired! Even rarer for any level of prosecution in a trial let alone any conviction. With the rare punishment of police officers, there is also little public exposure of this Mafia-like police system that we all live under! Thus, there is little political will to address this sickness in our society. In return again, no will for the corporate media to expose corruption in our police departments, unions and our judicial system.

It is not the prosecutorial standard "proof beyond a reasonable doubt", but the public's blind sacred faith and hero worship of the police that keeps police from really being prosecuted! No jury will convict no matter what the evidence is! President Trump said he could kill someone in broad daylight and his supporters would still support him. It is like that every day for the police!

Woe is the DA who would actually charge a police officer and take him to court. The Police "Mafia" will certainly publicly attack with vengeance the DA at the next election if not sooner. Now, that is how our criminal justice system actually works! It is a system the public needs to understand and reject. The sooner the better!

2019-12-10 Opinion: Right decision not to prosecute cop in Pittsburg death - Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton explains the legal standard she applied to make the call

2019-11-05 Opinion: DA Becton uses wrong standard for police prosecutions


Wealth Inequality

I support expanding federal funding to support entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare? The minimum SS or SSI should be a state's minimum wage. Seniors and disabled are being driven back into poverty by much needed minimum wage increases that ignore them.

Wealth Inequity in America and the World is totally unacceptable. We need to tax billionaires out of existence. We need a guaranteed livable income for all American citizens and a partial one for Green card holders.

We need the tax rates of the President Dwight " Ike " Eisenhower administration but without all the loopholes. I don't know what maximum income should be, but $3 million (Minimum top 0.1% 2018) seems a more than adequate reward.

Corporations need to pay taxes for the society, workers, consumers and environment they profit from. Remaining profits should be split between workers, investors.

Top Income



Economic Growth

I support federal spending to promote economic growth.
I don't support lowering corporate taxes to promote economic growth.

The Government should take an active role in providing decent paid jobs toward maintaining and rebuilding our nation's infrastructure and affordable housing. For Profit corporations only care about their bottom line and not the betterment of society and people’s living standards.

Our Government needs to spend and loan money to promote a Green New Deal. This needs the attention (and more) given to the Race to Moon in the 60's.

The taxes on corporate Income and Income on the top 0.1% need to be drastically increased. No more stock buy backs to inflate stock market at expense of the economy for the bottom 99%.


Energy and Environment

I support government funding for the development of renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, geo-thermal).

I support the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Scientists now say we have 10 years, maybe less with Trump, to prevent a runaway climate catastrophe. The government needs to treat Climate Change like it did the Race to the Moon.

We need more International cooperation with Russia and China. We need to end this crazy anti-Russia narrative and promotion of a new "Cold War". We either all unite during next 10 years or we all will suffer the dire consequences.

The Green New Deal should not become just an empty slogan! Fossil fuels has always been a known limited resource. Now it's an emergency to end its use!



I support requiring states to adopt some level of federal education standards. We do need protected minimum standards on the Federal Level.

I never have supported "No Child Left Behind" or most of the Obama's corrections under "Common Core". Education should be more locally controlled.

Education funding should not be based on property taxes pitting seniors against children. Federal and State tax money should support education.

I support a pass/fail system rather than grades. My experience in High School and College, is that the grading system was used mainly to reward a few elites and punish and discourage the rest.

Beyond Reading and Math, Critical Thinking should be most important learning skill.



I don't support the construction of a wall along the Mexican border.

End our cruel illegal foreign policy of wars, coups, sanctions and destabilization of other nations that is the number one reason for mass immigration.

Grant Dreamers prompt opportunity for citizenship. Grant everyone now in U.S. a permanent Green card and a reasonable path to citizenship.

Issue 10-month work visas not tied to a specific job or corporation with minimum 2 months outside of country allowing indefinite work visa renewals. Encourages needed low skilled workers but discourages family entry.

Right now, the strict border control encourages family migration because too risky and expensive to come and go to the U.S.



I believe that all international trade deals should be done if it benefits workers, consumers, the environment of the participating nations.

International trade deals should not be done just for the benefit of Multi-National Corporations to make more profit.

Trade deals must address worker's fair living wages, working conditions, health and safety in each nation.
Trade deals must deal with worker/consumer product safety. Trade deals must be justified in consideration of Green New Deal.

No trade deal should in any way supersede the Constitutional Authority of each and all nations.

Current trade deals must be scrapped if violating the above.