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Big money and corporations control our mainstream media and most of our government officials. Their interests are maximizing profits and not the interests of the average person or life on Mother Earth.


My website is intended to be an ongoing source of information on the many progressive issues, organizations and individuals who are ignored by the corporate media and both the corporate controlled Republican & Democratic Parties. My website will promote alternative viewpoints that place the interests of the people first.

My website has recently been acknowledged in importance by the U.S. Library of Congress and will be permanently archived interactively and monitored and updated on occasion! Additional improvements and information will continue on the website regardless of the outcome of the upcoming November election. I welcome your comments and input!


This website links to dozens of alternative media sources. This website links to hundreds of organizations involved with many different issues. This website links to the websites of dozens of important opinion makers. This website links to hundreds of sources on dozens of important issues. Please help spread the word to others!


We have so little time to save Humanity and Mother Earth! We need people of all political persuasions to compromise and work to the betterment of all

With Peace & Justice, Michael E Kerr

P.S. I was a California Green Party candidate for Congress in 2020 (District 11) and 2022 (District 10). For more information look for my election campaign link.

Investigate Yourself - What They Censor Most

These are some very important issues about which the Military-Industrial-Media Complex has promoted their own stories (lies) exclusively.

The MIMC has then heavily censored, attacked and smeared viewpoints, individuals and groups in opposition to their lies and distortions of the truth.

Shamefully, even many on the left & progressive movement have chosen to blindly buy into the MIMC lies even to the point of also joining in the attacking and censoring of whistleblowers.

911 Attacks


Climate Catastrophe

Palestine- Israel

Ukraine - Russia Conflict

Whistleblower & Censorship

Our Emergency

Alternative Media 2

Political Organizations

Political Issues

Political Opinions

Government Information

Photos for Peace Justice and Environment

When you allow government and corporate media to demand your obedience & allow them to censor alternative information you better do some investigation on your own because they are hiding something!

Please Investigate yourself! Start here on 3 of the most censored issues!

Chomsky means - Limit the range of discussion but allow free discussion within the acceptable range of parameters.

I have and will be considering discussion outside the government/corporate media parameters of several issues.

Daniel Hale - Drone Warfare Whistleblower

Why I Protest Drone Warfare & Surveilance

Using Drones to terrorize and kill civilians in countries we are not at war with is a horrendous war crime! And against all International Law.

Architects and Engineers have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that World Trade Center building 7 and the twin towers were brought down by demolition explosives and not fires or plane collisions! Over 3000 Architects and Engineers have demanded a new investigation.

This and many other facts prove the government’s 9/11 attack story is completely false and 9/11 was instead an inside job by our government.

9/11 was clearly a false flag operation used to seriously weaken our constitutional rights via the Patriot Act and allow for unending unilateral wars against other nations through the AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF MILITARY FORCE (AUMF).

What Next for Progressives

Bernie Sanders has inspired a new generation to join the Progressive Movement!

I supported the election of Bernie Sanders for President, because Bernie deserved our full support. He was our best hope for survival! We were disappointed by his suspended campaign, but now we must move on without him as a Presidential candidate.

Bernie's Special Message - While the Campaign Ends, the Struggle for Justice Continues


Bernie has always said it wasn't about him, but about us and a Progressive Movement! We have Bernie's Progressive Issues Platform! We the foundations of a powerful Progressive Movement in the thousands of Progressive Individuals, Organizations and Alternative Media that have worked tirelessly for many decades. We just need to unite in a common effort to educate and motivate the public masses that there is a better way than the ruthless oligarchic rule of rich corporate elite!


Support Organizations and their Vetted Progressive Candidates

Please become active with organizations promoting Progressive Candidates


Don’t Just Swallow “for profit” Corporate Media Information!

Keep up with Progressive News and Opinions!

Alternative Media

Support Progressive Organizations

These are some of the organizations trying to make the world a better place for all!

Progressive Organizations

Support Formal Political Progressive Alternatives to the Corporate Parties!


We cannot be effective Progressives without our Progressive News Sources! Corporate Media is everywhere with seemingly unlimited resources! Over 90% of Americans get most all their news and information from the Corporate Media.

We need to help support and promote Progressive News Sources to counter the distortions, omissions and lies of Corporate Media that benefit Multi-National Corporations and the super-rich against the interests of the people!

Please think about subscribing to one or more this year! Most have yearly subscriptions for less than $25.

Special Appeal for your Support: We have an important Progressive Listener sponsored Pacifica Radio Network with 5 stations across the country all of which are accessible from the Internet. The 71-year-old flagship station KPFA -94.1FM from Berkeley, CA is one of my primary information sources with the radio on all day!

Progressive Media is supported as you have supported Bernie Sanders and other Progressive candidates: one individual donor at a time! Without Progressive Media there cannot be effective Progressive Politicians or individuals!