Klobuchar asked to suspend campaign after probe suggests she may have put innocent teen in jail

Mon Feb 3, 2020
Lauren Floyd Daily Kos

Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is facing mounting pressure to suspend her presidential campaign after an Associated Press article published Tuesday unearthed evidence that the prosecutorial case she highlighted repeatedly in her campaign may have landed the wrong person in jail. Myon Burrell was 16 when he was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of firing the stray bullet that hit and killed 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards as she was doing homework at a dining room table in 2002, multiple news outlets reported.

Klobuchar, who at the time was the Hennepin County's district attorney, spearheaded the case against Burrell with no gun, fingerprints, or DNA evidence suggesting he was the killer, The Associated Press reported. Still, the prosecutor was so convinced the black teen committed the crime that she allegedly refused to let him go to his mother's funeral. “This is what needs to happen when there is this kind of gun, gang violence,” Klobuchar said when Burrell was convicted in 2003.

The case, however, was based in large part on a version of events laid out by a foe of Burrell’s and left alibis unchecked, essential evidence missing, and interview statements severely flawed, with the chief homicide detective caught on video offering money in exchange for secondhand information, the AP reported. “Hearsay is still worth something to me,” Sgt. Richard Zimmerman was shown telling a man he interrogated. “Sometimes … you get hearsay here, hearsay there. Sometimes it’s like a jigsaw puzzle, things come together, you know what I mean?”

The man walked away $600 richer for throwing out a couple names, one of them Burrell. “I know for a fact I didn’t do anything,” the 16-year-old said in 2002, according to CBS Minnesota. Burrell is now 33, and has spent more years behind bars than he did free.

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2020-01-25 Trump's dismantling of environmental regulations unwinds 50 years of protections

January 25, 2020
Maegan Vazquez, CNN

In Trump's first two years in office, the Environmental Protection Agency's rate of deregulation was so high that an internal watchdog has said the agency "exceeded" its self-established goals. And in the third year of his presidency, agencies, not just the EPA, have continued the environmental regulation rollbacks. His administration has even moved to rollback some protections established under the 50-year-old Clean Air Act.

Breaking away from environmental restrictions deemed cumbersome or unfair also became a global issue early in Trump's presidency, with his decision to pull out of the Paris climate accords -- an agreement among several countries to combat climate change.

Scientific experts, including members of the EPA's own scientific advisory board, have asserted that axing and altering these rules and regulations will be detrimental toward the environment.

Oil, Natural Gas, Methane and Power:

replaced for the Clean Power Plan

eased regulation of methane emissions

scaled back requirements for storing and releasing waste from coal-fired power plants,

changes to National Environmental Policy Act rules


sought to freeze fuel economy standards at static levels

wants to stop states of California and New York, from setting their own auto emissions standards

Public lands:

two major downsizes of protected lands have occurred


the EPA announced it will rescind Clean Water Act


changes to the Endangered Species Act

changes to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act


increasing the allowable levels of the herbicide Atrazine

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SIGN THE PETITION: Political leaders must demand de-escalation and a massive, immediate diplomatic intervention in

January 4, 2020

Hello fellow Americans. Do you know this man? Did you know he was your enemy? What? Never heard of him? By the end of today you will be trained to hate him. You will be glad Trump had him assassinated. You will do as you are told. Get ready to send your sons &daughters off 2 war (Tweet from Michael Moore)

Trump’s reckless decision to attack Iran moves us to the very brink of an unnecessary war with Iran.

Sign the petition on this page:

Congress must act immediately to stop a catastrophic war with Iran. Political leaders must stand up to Trump and demand de-escalation and a massive, immediate diplomatic intervention to prevent the worst in Iran.

We will share the growing demands for de-escalation and diplomatic intervention with our allies in Congress.

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Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?

On-going updates

Each week, The Times is bringing you the latest political data and analysis to track how the 15 Democratic presidential candidates are doing and who is breaking out of the pack in the historic race for the 2020 nomination.

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Coup in Bolivia rejected worldwide

November 11, 2019
People's Dispatch

Political parties, politicians, leaders of people’s movements and academics have sharply condemned the civic-military coup carried out yesterday against the government of Bolivian president Evo Morales. Morales and his vice-president Álvaro García Linera, as well as ministers and other members of his government, were cornered into resigning after the right-wing opposition scaled up acts of violence and intimidation against them and supporters of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) and their family members.

João Pedro Stedile, member of the National Board of the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement (MST) of Brazil, termed what happened yesterday in Bolivia as “the practical application of what we read in the book ‘Hybrid Wars’ [by Andrew Korybko], which is the strategy of US capital to overthrow governments. They already tried to apply this in Ukraine, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.”

Monica Bruckmann, academic and researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, spoke at the Peoples’ BRICS Summit and contextualized what happened in Bolivia as part of the crisis of neoliberal capitalism. She explained, “The neoliberal project does not have the conditions to maintain itself in these times. The right-wing is increasingly nervous and desperate. What happened yesterday in Bolivia is a return to the old style military coups of the 20th century.”

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